Philip Booth
7 July 2014

This book[1] has some interesting conclusions. Like all work in political economy, they are debatable. What is unique about this book is the way in which the author has such intellectual confidence...
Stephen Michael MacLean
30 June 2014

Pope Francis is at it again - speaking out on behalf of the poor, while casting aspersions on the free market, perhaps the poor’s greatest friend. In an address to a conference meeting in Rome...
Philip Booth
23 May 2014

    While the income of a minority is increasing exponentially, that of the majority is crumbling. - Pope Francis We, as the Catholic Church, have to make our voice heard in this regard as...
Robert C. B. Miller
11 April 2014

At the end of last month, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Justin Welby) gave a talk to a gathering of representatives of Anglican religious communities at Lambeth Palace. The Archbishop’s talk...
Philip Booth
23 December 2013
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Pope Francis's Apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium is a manifesto for evangelisation that challenges every reader at every point in the development of the narrative. In nearly all parts of...
John Blundell
20 December 2013
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Students who cheat are more likely to want public sector careers. That is the core finding of Rema Hanna of Harvard’s Kennedy School and Shing-Yi Wang of Penn’s Wharton School in a recent...
Philip Booth
9 December 2013

Pope Francis had some dismissive things to say about the market economy and globalisation in his apostolic exhortation. Disappointingly, however, there was much use of the rhetorical tactic of...
Christopher Snowdon
26 November 2013

First, the good news. Poverty has been on the decline for several years. Since 2007, the proportion of the British population living below the poverty line has fallen from 19 per cent to 16 per cent...
Philip Booth
12 November 2013

Fr. Timothy Radcliffe gave the high-profile Romero Lecture last week in which he said many good, sensitive and important things about the poor. Not surprisingly, though, the lecture also made many...
Kristian Niemietz
11 November 2013

  For as long as I can remember, the herbal schnapps Jägermeister has had a reputation for being an old man’s drink. The brand name would inevitably evoke images of a rustic...
Benedikt Koehler
26 July 2013
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A political chain reaction was set off in the Arab world in 2010 when Mohammed Bouazizi, a young Tunisian stall-owner, was denied a licence to ply his trade and in desperation driven to suicide. That...
Philip Booth
24 July 2013

The Catholic Church has a social teaching because social and economic relationships are human relationships. There is much room for disagreement on specific policy issues but, when it comes to the...
Graeme Leach
17 July 2013

A key part of EU policy over the last 20 years or so has been the completion of what is described as an ‘internal market’. This involves not just the removal of explicit trade barriers...
Philip Booth
12 July 2013
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The aspect of the tax avoidance debate which most exercises organisations such as Christian Aid is the issue of the taxation of companies with subsidiaries in poor countries. Christian Aid links tax...
Alberto Mingardi
4 July 2013

Although he was used to dining with friends every Sunday, on one occasion Adam Smith ‘retired to bed before supper; and, as he went away, took leave of his friends by saying “I believe we...
Kristian Niemietz
18 April 2013

The purpose of a think tank – the clue is in the name – is to think big and holistically. When others talk about the colour of the curtains, we are supposed to be talking about the...
Kristian Niemietz
17 April 2013

The conventional wisdom in the mainstream poverty literature is that Margaret Thatcher’s policies caused an explosion of poverty. As one standard work puts it: ‘During the 1960s, just...
Wayne A. Leighton
28 March 2013
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In 1996, Guatemala adopted one of the most market-oriented telecom reforms in the world. The benefits to the country followed quickly as coverage expanded, competition surged, and prices plummeted...
Philip Booth
12 February 2013

Those who study Pope Benedict, who announced his retirement yesterday, have been impressed by his humanity and by his understanding of human nature. Statements he has made on the economy,...
Christie Davies
8 February 2013

  A review of The Servile Mind: How Democracy Erodes the Moral Life by Kenneth Minogue Kenneth Minogue has written a clear and incisive account and defence of western societies...

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