Discussion paper publications

Piotr Zientara
23 Apr 2008

Reforms are needed to tackle the causes of inactivity

Alex Bowerman
16 Dec 2007

A comparison of nationwide charging and project-based schemes

Tibor R. Machan
25 Jul 2007

Prosperity should be companies' main objective

Ljubo Sirc
18 Jun 2007

The EU has failed to uphold property rights in Slovenia

Kristian Niemietz
19 Dec 2006

Chile's fully-funded private pension system shows impressive results

Nick Silver
13 Dec 2006

Pensions legislation could bankrupt major British companies

Nick Silver, Emmanuel Acquaah and Oskari Juurikkala
7 Nov 2006

An analysis of saving for old age in Nigeria

Brad Walmsley
5 Jun 2006

A new analysis of the relationship between tax, consent and the tyranny of the majority

Philip Booth
25 Apr 2005

In the 10th IEA Discussion paper, Philip Booth discusses the economics of the trade justice movement's proposals from a Christian perpsective

Anne Carlson
15 Apr 2005

In the 9th IEA Discussion Paper, Jennifer Anne Carlson analyses the myths and realities of private fire protection

John Merrifield
23 Jun 2003

8th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Andrew Crockett, Sir Adam Ridley, Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy and Sir Howard Davies
13 Mar 2003

6th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Philip Booth
27 Feb 2003

5th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Walter Elkan
26 Feb 2003

4th in the series of IEA Discussion Papers

Joseph Porket
23 Jan 2003

3rd in the series of IEA Discussion Papers