Heroic Misadventures: Australia's Four Decades - Full Circle

8 January 2010, 4.30pm
2 Lord North Street, Westminster SW1 (door on Great Peter Street)

IEA Book Launch

The Institute of Economic Affairs invites you to attend:

An IEA Book Launch

Heroic Misadventures: Australia’s Four Decades – Full Circle , by Ron Manners

On: Friday 8th January 2010, 4.30pm – 6.00pm

(with brief remarks at 5.00pm by author Ron Manners, and

followed by drinks reception until 6.00pm)

At: 2 Lord North Street, Westminster, SW1 (door on Great Peter Street)

"An inspiring story of the power of ideas, combining a wealth of entertainment, wisdom and practical advice and an eloquent and compelling defence of individual freedom."

Heroic Misadventures is the autobiography of a hugely versatile man who has had his share of misadventures, but who has in the end succeeded in the highly competitive and unforgiving West Australian gold-mining industry as well as in farming and many other activities.

Ron Manners, one of WA’s most successful gold-miners, has set out here to distil the essence of his past and analyze the reasons for success and failure. More than that, it is a warm human document that offers a unique insight into the life of an exceptional man.

But this book is not a dry economic text. It is filled with rich human adventure, for it is also the story of that rare thing, a genuinely daring man.

While principally known as a gold miner and more recently as a principal of the Mannkal Foundation for economic education, Ron’s activities have encompassed everything from running a hotel in Bali to organising a rock-cruise on an ocean liner to a brush with the once-notorious Nugan Hand Bank.

It is, with all this, a picture of the life of an extraordinary man, a man with a gift for converting obstacles into stepping-stones, a man who has walked with some of the greatest, who has run businesses large and small – surviving the disasters of the Whitlam years - and who in addition to his achievements in the practical world has also achieved credentials as a considerable philosopher of political economy.

The title Heroic Misadventures recalls Man of La Mancha, the musical based on Don Quixote. There is certainly something of Don Quixote about Ron – his readiness to pursue good causes, the fight for the right. But unlike Don Quixote his vision is clear-eyed and his causes well-chosen and often successful. Ron has proved that idealism and high practical intelligence may, and should, go together. To quote Michael Darby again: “The sole sad fact about Ron Manners