The Freedom (Great Repeal) Bill: Laws that should be reformed/amended

3 June 2010, 6.00pm
2 Lord North Street, Westminster, SW1 (entrance on Great Peter Street)

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The Free Society and the Institute of Economic Affairs present: The battle against Big Government – join the debate!

The emergence of a Conservative-Liberal coalition government might now provide the opportunity for a politics based around individual freedom and responsibility, rather than government diktat. The new Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister use the language of liberty, but will they have the guts and determination to actually put Big Government into reverse gear?

The case for freedom was often ignored by the previous administration. This series of debates is an important contribution to ensuring that the new government listens rather more closely.

The Conservatives say they are going to tackle Big Government while the deputy prime minister, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, says he wants to ‘transform our politics so the state has far less control ove