Why today's political class needs Ludwig von Mises

22 July 2010, 4.00pm
2 Lord North Street, Westminster, SW1 (entrance on Great Peter Street)

This event will explore why the work of Ludwig von Mises should be at the heart of practical policy thinking today

The Institute of Economic Affairs invites you to attend:

A Seminar on: Why today’s political class needs Ludwig von Mises

Session One 4:00pm-4:45pm
The life, work, importance and influence of Ludwig von Mises

Chairman: Prof Philip Booth, Institute of Economic Affairs
Speaker: Dr Eamonn Butler, Adam Smith Institute

Session Two 4:45pm-5:40pm
NHS reform: how the new government can learn from Ludwig von Mises

Chairman: Toby Baxendale, The Cobden Centre
Speaker: Dr John Meadowcroft, King’s College London
Commentator: Steve Baker, Conservative MP for Wycombe

Tea/coffee 5:40pm-6:00pm

Session Three 6:00pm-7:00pm
Booms, busts and crashes: what Austrian economics tells us about the crash of 2008

Chairman: James Tyler, Tyler Capital
Speaker: Dr Anthony Evans, ESCP Europe Business School
Commentator: Allister Heath, Editor, City AM

Each session will have ample time for discussion.

Many sympathisers with free-market economics will have read Hayek and Friedman. Fewer, however, will have read the original works of Mises. Mises was not only important because he laid foundations on which Hayek built; he made crucial contributions to economics which have