The National Living Wage

In his July Budget, George Osborne announced that a National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour for over 25-year-olds would be introduced in April 2016. The government has this week stated that employers will face tough penalties if they fail to pay their staff this higher wage.

In April 2014, the IEA released 'The Minimum Wage: Silver Bullet or Poisoned Chalice?'.

To read Ryan Bourne's and Kristian Niemietz's reaction to the National Living Wage on the IEA blog, click here and here. 

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By Kristian Niemietz, 2nd Sep 2015 ( comments)

My new IEA discussion paper, A patient approach: Putting the consumer at the heart of UK healthcare, outlines a potential roadmap from the current state monopoly to a competitive, pluralistic health system. In theory, Labour’s reforms of the mid-2000s have already created a situation in which patients can choose providers, in which funding follows patients, and in which autonomous local commissioners purchase healthcare services. So all we need to do is apply these reforms more consistently, build on them, and carry them to their logical conclusion.

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