The IEA hold a discussion with Alvin Rabushka

On Wednesday 19 November, Alvin Rabushka will deliver a lecture on why the flat tax is fair, simple and transparent. In particular he will tackle the issue of fairness reflecting on the recent proposals of Thomas Piketty. Alvin Rabushka is one of the leading global proponents of the flat tax and the co-author of the Hall–Rabushka flat tax plan. For more information click here. If you would like to attend, click here. 



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By Ryan Bourne, 21st Oct 2014 ( comments)

As many Western economies labour under the strain of slow growth, an intellectual narrative has taken hold, arguing that free-market capitalism causes unacceptable levels of inequality. But in the emerging world, they see the big picture: moving towards free markets works wonders in improving living standards.

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