Britain's Baker's Dozen of Disasters

Britain's Baker's Dozen of Disasters: The UK’s thirteen worst economic policy mistakes since 1900by Peter Clarke and Robert C. B. Miller, is the latest book to be published by the IEA. This topical new paper outlines Britain's 13 biggest economic policy errors of the last century, from nationalisation to trade union immunities. The paper was featured in The Sunday Telegraph and Philip Booth discussed the key themes in CityAM. To read the paper in full, click here. To read the press release, click here. 

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media coverage - 12 Oct 2015

Chris Snowdon appears on Channel 4 News

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By James Tooley, 12th Oct 2015 ( comments)

Whenever Malala Yousafzai's work is discussed an important detail is omitted. The school she attended, on her way to which she was shot by the Taliban, was in fact a low-cost private school, set up by her father. This reality gets hidden in all reports. Not untypically, the global teachers’ union, Education International, describes her father as ‘headmaster’, while Time described him as ‘school administrator’.  Neither title captures the reality: her father was in fact an educational entrepreneur.

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