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Slicing up the public sector: A radical proposal for devolutionby Tom Packer and Matthew Sinclair, outlines the benefits to be had from devolving power away from Westminster and providing local authorities with greater autonomy over raising revenue as well as spending it. Writing on the key themes in the paper, Tom Packer featured in CityAM and Matthew Sinclair appeared on ConservativeHome. To read the publication in full, click here and to read the press release, click here. 



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media coverage - 31 Mar 2015

Camilla Goodwin appears on BBC Radio Kent

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By Philip Booth, 31st Mar 2015 ( comments)

Our tax system is designed to penalise households with just one earner. When combined with our welfare system, it strongly penalises marriage and commitment. Of course, marriage should be more than just about economics, but if the government is supposed to promote the common good, it should not be making life difficult for people to do the right thing. 

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