Philip Booth presents evidence on devolution

The IEA's Academic and Research Director, Philip Booth, gave evidence on devolution and his proposal for a federal UK to the House of Lords Constitution Committee. The current constitutional settlement in the UK is dangerously unstable and EVEL will not solve the problem. Instead, the only long-term stable solution is to create a proper federal state with a very small number of powers held at UK level. Federal Britain: The case for decentralisationthe first paper from The Paragon Initiativeexplains the proposal.

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media coverage - 30 Nov 2015

Chris Snowdon appears on BBC Radio 5

media coverage - 30 Nov 2015
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By Christopher Snowdon, 30th Nov 2015 ( comments)

A tax on sugar - and on sugary drinks in particular - has become a cornerstone of the campaign for tobacco-style regulation of the food supply. The arguments against such an intervention are now well known. There is scant evidence that taxes can be effective in reducing rates of obesity, but there is strong evidence that they raise the cost of living and disproportionately impact the poor.

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2 Dec 2015

Church House, Westminster


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