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8 Dec 2009

Financial sector is vital to the UK

7 Dec 2009

Debate with Raj Patel, author of The Value of Nothing

3 Dec 2009

Unfortunately the original ones are not sound and the sound ones are not original, argues Philip Booth on...

25 Nov 2009

Article by Richard Wellings in Offshore Investment

24 Nov 2009

Article on NHS funding by Philip Booth in The House Magazine

23 Nov 2009

Leading climate change expert debates with Bob Watson from DEFRA

23 Nov 2009

Article by Nigel Lawson in the Times

15 Nov 2009

Article by Philip Booth in the Financial Times

3 Nov 2009

Does CSR undermine the competitive market economy?

28 Oct 2009

Article by Mark Littlewood for the Daily Telegraph (online)

27 Oct 2009

Philip Booth in the Catholic Herald on International Institutions and Caritas in veritate

20 Oct 2009

Article on US economic policy by Richard Wellings in the Yorkshire Post

30 Sep 2009

US may slip from first- to third-world status, argues Charles K. Rowley in the Daily Telegraph

15 Sep 2009

Letter by Richard Wellings in the Evening Standard on the need for substantial cuts to public spending

9 Sep 2009

Philip Booth argues in The Tablet that if we want a less oligopolistic financial sector we need less regulation

23 Jul 2009

Pope Benedict calls for more aid in Caritas in veritate - but with reservations

22 Jul 2009

Yes, argues John Blundell in an article for Total Politics

17 Jul 2009

New social encyclical should not be scanned for its practical policy proposals, argues Philip Booth

5 Jul 2009

In an article for the Sunday Times, John Blundell argues we need to guard think tanks against undue influence

30 Jun 2009

Philip Booth on Radio 4 on Pope Benedict's forthcoming encyclical

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