Britain's bewildering tax system needs fixing

Mark Littlewood writes for The Daily Telegraph website

A major taxman's blunder was an inevitable result of our tax code, says Mark Littlewood

The extraordinary inability of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to accurately process tax returns raises serious questions about the entire taxation system in Britain. Early indications are that the wrong lessons are being learnt.

One is that HMRC may be given centralised control over employee’s pay cheques. As ever, the bureaucrats’ solution to a string of embarrassing administrative failures is to seek to give themselves even wider reaching powers.

Those who believe our taxation system will run more smoothly by entrusting revenue and customs officers with greater responsibilities aren’t merely barking up the wrong tree. They are in completely the wrong forest.

The country doesn’t just need lower taxation; it needs a more comprehensible tax system. Very often the public and political debate focuses exclusively on the former, while the latter is overlooked. But the tax co