Corporations and the rich are not the only tax avoiders

Mark Littlewood appears on ITN News

Following Margaret Hodge's statement that tax avoiders should be "named and shamed", Mark Littlewood appeared on ITN News to discuss the issue.

"I think the politicians are telling us there's an enormous problem here," stated Mr Littlewood.

"This committee puts the problem at five billion which obviously sounds like a colossal amount of money. Actually in the context of the amount of money the government spends every year that's not a very high proportion of it at all."

The issue of what is aggressive tax avoidence and what is regarded as legitimate tax planning to be effiicient with your finances is a complex one. Mr Littlewood argued that we are in danger of moving into a situation in which people have an obligation to maximise their tax bill.

"Anyone who takes out a pension or an ISA or buys duty free cigarettes or alcohol, they're involved in tax avoidance as well. Whether we consider that aggressive or not I expect is a matter of debate."

Watch the full clip here.

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