Ideas for growth are staring Cameron in the face. Time for him to get serious about them.

Ruth Porter writes for ConservativeHome

It is not unusual for the BBC to misrepresent things but Monday’s headline – “David Cameron vows to boost infrastructure projects” – was more misleading than most. His article on Monday was not about government investment but rather applauding the private sector – and so it should be.

The heady times of government ploughing money into public services and infrastructure are, thankfully, largely behind us (with the notable exceptions of the Olympics and High Speed 2 – both projects destined to end in tears). Earlier this year leading economist, Harvard Professor Robert Barro, delivered the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Annual Hayek Memorial Lecture and pointed out that looking across various countries at different times, the one thing we can be sure of is that fiscal stimulus packages do not work in the long-term, and worse, can have negative effects. The myth that governments can spend their way o