Our Prime Minister must fight or he could be yet another top Tory felled by the EU leviathan

Nick Hayns writes for the Yorkshire Post

Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more a Conservative Prime Minister heading to Europe – battle lines to be drawn, powers to be fought over, and with faint whispers of domestic treachery in the air. Tory Party history is littered with leaders who have met their ends on the political battlefields of Europe; David Cameron will have to play a tricky hand pretty deftly if he is not to become another casualty.

Thus far, we have witnessed the standard political trick of the proverbial can being kicked down the road. With the euro crisis finally limping to what must be its denouement and the 17 countries that comprise the eurozone now potentially forming their own fiscal union – in essence a brand new country – the end of that road has been reached.

As they say though, necessity is the mother of all invention and opportunities are often borne of crisis. The potential development of what we could deem a “multi-spee