Pay as you go roads are cheaper for drivers

Richard Wellings discusses IEA research on a number of BBC radio stations

Richard Wellings appeared on a number of BBC regional radio stations to discuss recent IEA research on road privatisation.

Drivers are being used as a cash cow, paying almost £40 bn with very little of it going back into improving the system. A study by the IEA concludes that charging per mile will make the current network more responsive to the needs of drivers and reduce congestion. The charge could be as low as 6p per mile which is less than motorists currently pay for fuel duty. The study suggests varying prices during high traffic times which would incentivise drivers to travel at different times to lessen congestion. 

Listen to BBC Radio Derby interview here. Segment starts at 2:09.55.

Listen to BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire here. Segment starts at 2:38.00.

Listen to BBC Radio York here. Segment starts at 45.15.

Listen to BBC Radio Essex here. Segment starts at 50.50.

Listen to BBC Radio Shropshire here. Segment starts at 58.25.

Listen to BBC Radio Humberside here. Segment starts at 1:07.50.

Listen to BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester here. Segment starts at 2:42.55.

Listen to BBC Radio Wiltshire here. Segment starts at 1:30.00.

Listen to BBC Radio Newcastle here. Segment starts at 1:45.00.

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