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15 Jul 2010

Kristian Niemietz writes for Swiss Monthly Magazine: Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture

14 Jul 2010

Philip Booth writes for Conservative Home commending the idea of abolishing the census

13 Jul 2010

Philip Booth argues for shrinking the size of the state on Radio 4's Analysis programme

13 Jul 2010

Philip Booth speaks to the Economist about how public sector pensions should be reformed

7 Jul 2010

Initiated by the IEA and formed with a number of other organisations this Commission advocates major pension reform...

5 Jul 2010

Mark Littlewood writes for the Yorkshire Post

4 Jul 2010

Philip Booth speaks to BBC Radio 4 about welfare reform

4 Jul 2010

Mark Littlewood appears on the BBC programme 'The Big Questions'

1 Jul 2010

Philip Booth writes for the Catholic Herald about the budget

24 Jun 2010

A panel of leading economists give their take on the budget

24 Jun 2010

The Economist writes about Prof Gary Becker's proposals on immigration policy

23 Jun 2010

Philip Booth writes on cuts for Public Service

22 Jun 2010

Richard Wellings argues on BBC World Service that private investment is key to recovering from recession

21 Jun 2010

Ruth Porter blogs for Reuters ahead of this week's budget

20 Jun 2010

The Telegraph profiles Prof. Gary Becker and his remarkable work

19 Jun 2010

Prof. Gary Becker writes for The Times on immigration

17 Jun 2010

Gary Becker argues for a major shift in immigration policy in The Daily Telegraph

17 Jun 2010

Professor Gary Becker speaks to Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme about immigration reform

8 Jun 2010

Mark Littlewood appears on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman to debate the role of the state and necessary cuts

4 Jun 2010

Mark Littlewood is interviewed on Radio 5 Live about gun laws, marriage and the coalition's performance

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