Retirement damages physical and mental health

Mark Littlewood discusses IEA research on a number of BBC radio stations

Mark Littlewood appeared on a number of BBC regional radio stations to discuss recent IEA research into the effects of retirement on health.

Mr Littlewood argued that the research shows that, following an initial short-term "boost" in health an wellbeing, the probability of getting depressed, ill or reporting yourself no longer being in excellent or good health increases dramatically. The probability of having clinical depression rises by 40%, having a physical illness rises by 60% and the chance that this illness will require medication also increases by 60%. These figures worsen the longer we are in retirement.

Mr Littlewood went on to state that there are a number of overlooked benefits of being in employment. For example, a proportion of people's physical exercise often takes place during or on the commute to work. Work colleagues also often provide a good social network leading to a healthier and happier life as does the larger income received whilst in work.

Listen to the BBC Radio Newcastle interview here. Segment starts at 2:47.00.