Smokers know the risks, so give the lectures a rest

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

Mercifully, we live in a society in which most of us realise that people don’t listen to you more intently if you shout at them more loudly. But this civilised code of conduct is not embraced by the “public health lobby”. They remain incensed that about ten million British adults stubbornly continue to smoke tobacco, despite a stream of restrictions, prohibitions and lectures.

Their latest wizard wheeze was to demand we should be metaphorically screamed at every time we purchase a packet of fags. Instead of carrying the distinctive logos and colouring of our favourite brands, cigarettes would be issued in standardised packs covered with pictured of cancerous lungs, rotten teeth and diseased hearts. Apparently this might be just the information we – and impressionable youngsters – need to recognise that smoking is injurious to our health.

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