SMPC members express concerns about monetary policy in the FT

SMPC members take Bank of England Governor to task about causes of inflation in a letter to the FT

The text of the letter follows:

In a letter to the Financial Times in September 2006 we warned that rapid growth in the quantity of money would lead to higher inflation. Our fears have been vindicated. We welcome Governor King’s recognition in his recent letter to the chancellor of the exchequer, that a fall in the growth rate of broad money is relevant to future inflationary pressures.

However, there was little else in the letter to suggest that mistakes would not be made in the future as a result of ignoring information in monetary statistics.

Indeed, Mr King placed the blame for the increase in inflation entirely on the rise in commodity prices and the fall in the value of sterling, as if these were outside UK policymakers’ control. Loose monetary policy throughout much of the world must surely be responsible for part of the rise in commodity prices, just as it was in the period 1972-74.

It is of course true that UK policymakers cannot control either monetary policy in other