The sums just don't add up!

Letter to the Mirror by Professor Philip Booth

Dear Sir,

Basic arithmetic seems to escape the authors of your feature on tax who claim the ‘average’ family receives £22,289 worth of services in return for a tax bill of £5,000. A family earning £24,000 a year indeed pay £5,044 Income Tax, but in addition they would pay £2,640 National Insurance, 17.5% VAT, Council Tax and other assorted taxes on savings, fuel, alcohol, tobacco and so forth. In reality, their total tax bill will be over £10,000. Similarly, many of the costs cited are ridiculous: how many families call out two fire engines for two hours every year at a cost of £1,096? You compare the cost of state education with the cost of private education - with no mention of any differences in quality. These are just three of many flaws in the article. Is it really credible that civil servants can spend £450bn of taxpayers' money better than the people who have earned it?

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