Why Cameron keeps his MEPs under wraps

Letter in responce to John Blundell's Cameron s deafening EU silence last week

Sir – In John Blundell’s article (
Cameron’s deafening EU silence
, 16/17 April) he quite rightly says that the Tories in Westminster don’t wish to discuss the EU. He asks why we do not know their opinion on the proposed enlargement of the EU’s already cumbersome structure. The answers lie in Brussels. The vast majority of Tory MEPs are vociferous in their wish for more EU legislation and for continued membership of the union. This can be seen every month in the voting sessions that are held in Strasbourg. On the question of the accession of Bulgaria, Romania and even Turkey to the EU, their position is crystal clear. Their foreign affairs spokesman, Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, recently said “I welcome the opening of negotiations with Turkey” and was the Parliamentary co-ordinator for the accession of Bulgaria to the union. In addition, no Tory MEP voted against the inclusion of the new countries.

In 2004, 10 new countries joined the EU. The result has been uncontrolled migration to the UK, an increased UK contribution to the union’s budget and a