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1 Apr 2011

Nick Hayns writes for ConservativeHome

31 Mar 2011

Mark Littlewood interviewed for the BBC

20 Oct 2010

Appearing on Sky News, Mark Littlewood says that regulation is holding business back

20 Oct 2010

Appearing on Sky News, Mark Littlewood says that regulation is holding business back

22 Sep 2010

IEA Chairman Prof David Myddelton discusses Vince Cable's banker-bashing on BBC Radio 5 Live

19 Aug 2010

The FT Adviser writes on the IEA's calls for self-regulation in financial markets

9 Aug 2010

Prof. Philip Booth writes for The Daily Telegraph

4 Aug 2010

The Herald speaks to Prof. Philip Booth to discuss the IEA's proposals for the creation of regional stock exchanges...

4 Aug 2010

City A.M. writes on the IEA's criticism of coalition plans for financial regulation

3 Aug 2010

Ruth Porter writes for the Yorkshire Post

27 Jul 2010

Philip Booth talks on BBC Radio 4's News Briefing about the need for less regulation of the financial sector

14 Jul 2010

Philip Booth writes for Conservative Home commending the idea of abolishing the census

5 Jul 2010

Mark Littlewood writes for the Yorkshire Post

17 Jun 2010

Gary Becker argues for a major shift in immigration policy in The Daily Telegraph

4 Jun 2010

Mark Littlewood is interviewed on Radio 5 Live about gun laws, marriage and the coalition's performance

12 Apr 2010

The inspection and regulation of small businesses has reached crisis proportions, and the next government must...

3 Apr 2010

Enterprise needs liberalism but are the Liberal Democrats liberal?

31 Mar 2010

Mark Littlewood debates Ofcom's latest demands on SKY News

30 Mar 2010

IEA Advisory Council member Prof. Len Shackleton writes in The Times warning about the danger of government...

5 Jan 2010

In an article for Public Servant, Mark Littlewood argues it's time to stop pretending the state has all the answers...

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