Media Coverage


16 Jul 2013

Lord Lawson appears on BBC News

16 Jul 2013

The Telegraph reports on IEA's Brexit Prize

1 Jun 2013

The Economist features comments from Mark Littlewood

25 Apr 2013

Mark Littlewood appears on BBC R5 Breakfast

25 Apr 2013

City AM features comments from Mark Littlewood

23 Apr 2013

Ruth Porter argues against the motion in a New Statesman Centenary Debate

24 Mar 2013

Paul Ormerod appears on BBC Newsnight

9 Feb 2013

Andrew Lilico appears on BBC Daily Politics

28 Jan 2013

Philip Booth and Steve Davies appear on R4 Analysis

24 Jan 2013

Jamie Whyte writes for the Wall Street Journal

14 Jan 2013

Holyrood magazine report on Ruth Porter

25 Sep 2012

Philip Booth appears on BBC2's Masters of Money

19 Sep 2012

Ruth Porter writes for The Daily Telegraph

17 Sep 2012

Philip Booth appears on BBC2's Masters of Money

11 Sep 2012

Philip Booth and Nima Sanandaji write for City AM

28 Aug 2012

Johnny Munkhammar writes for Conservative Home

28 Aug 2012

City AM Editor's letter profiles IEA report

27 Aug 2012

Mark Littlewood discusses new IEA research on Radio 4's Today programme

31 Jul 2012

John Blundell writes for the Daily Telegraph

16 Jul 2012

Ruth Porter appears on Newsnight

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