Media Coverage


23 Mar 2012

Ruth Porter writes for the Daily Telegraph

21 Mar 2012

Philip Booth appears on BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze

16 Mar 2012

Mark Littlewood on the Daily Politics

27 Feb 2012

Prof Philip Booth speaks at Cambridge University

16 Dec 2011

Ruth Porter writes for the Daily Telegraph

15 Dec 2011

Ruth Porter writes for the Daily Telegraph

1 Dec 2011

Mark Littlewood writes for the Daily Mail's RightMinds blog

9 Nov 2011

Len Shackleton speaks on BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze

8 Nov 2011

Philip Booth writes for City A.M

9 Aug 2011

Prof Philip Booth joins a discussion on BBC Radio 4

9 Nov 2010

Prof Philip Booth appears in the latest edition of the Cass Ethics series

31 Oct 2010

Mark Littlewood appears on BBC One's The Politics Show

17 Jul 2010

Mark Littlewood argues on BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the relationship between the state and the citizen...

23 May 2010

Professor Philip Booth is interviewed on BBC Radio 4 on why self-interest is necessary

25 Mar 2010

Philip Booth in the Catholic Times on the Catholic Bishops' pre-election advice

21 Dec 2009

Philip Booth examines the ideas of Phillip Blond and their influence on David Cameron in an article for Standpoint...

23 Nov 2009

Article by Nigel Lawson in the Times

15 Nov 2009

Article by Philip Booth in the Financial Times

3 Nov 2009

Does CSR undermine the competitive market economy?

17 Jul 2009

New social encyclical should not be scanned for its practical policy proposals, argues Philip Booth

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