Media Coverage


23 Apr 2013

The Express features comments from Ruth Porter

12 Apr 2013

IEA author Sushil Mohan writes for The Guide to Fair Trade 2013

24 Feb 2013

Mark Littlewood discusses the UK AAA credit rating downgrading, pound devaluation and Osborne's political future

15 Feb 2013

Steve Davies discusses the EU-US trade deal on BBC R4

13 Feb 2013

Steve Davies talks to BBC News

15 Jan 2013

Philip Booth appears on The Daily Politics

13 Nov 2012

City AM report on new IEA research

9 Nov 2012

Philip Booth talks to the BBC World Service

9 Nov 2012

BBC Radio 5 Live interviews Philip Booth

29 Oct 2012

Ruth Porter talks to BBC Radio 5

29 Oct 2012

Richard Wellings talks to BBC Radio London

6 May 2012

Philip Booth writes in the Independent

6 Apr 2012

Prof. Ronald Coase and Ning Wang write for the Wall Street Journal

10 Mar 2012

Prof Philip Booth writes in the Yorkshire Post

9 Mar 2012

Dr Stephen Davies discusses foreign aid on Speakers' Corner Trust online debate

7 Feb 2012

Dr Richard Wellings speaks to BBC Radio 4's You & Yours

5 Jan 2012

Ruth Porter speaks to BBC Radio 4's Today programme

5 Jan 2012

Ruth Porter speaks to BBC Radio Scotland

5 Jan 2012

Ruth Porter speaks to BBC Three Counties Radio

4 Jan 2012

Ruth Porter writes for the Daily Telegraph

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