Media Coverage


28 Dec 2014

The IEA is featured on BBC News Online

28 Nov 2014

The IEA is featured in The Mirror

26 Sep 2014

Bob Swarup features in the Guardian

16 Aug 2014

Tim Congdon features on The Today Programme

27 May 2014

Ryan Bourne writes in CityAM

21 May 2014

Mark Littlewood appears on CNN

15 Apr 2014

Dr Stephen Davies appears on BBC Radio Essex

12 Apr 2014

The IEA is featured in The Sunday Times

12 Apr 2014

The IEA is featured in The Financial Times

11 Apr 2014

The IEA is featured in the Telegraph

11 Apr 2014

Len Shackleton appears on London live

1 Nov 2013

Daily Telegraph features IEA Brexit Prize shortlist

27 Jul 2013

The Telegraph reports on IEA's Brexit Prize

29 May 2013

Steve Davies appears on Russia Today

23 Apr 2013

The Daily Mail features comments from Philip Booth

12 Apr 2013

The Telegraph features new IEA research

12 Apr 2013

Philip Booth appears on BBC R5 Wake Up to Money

25 Mar 2013

Mark Littlewood appears on BBC R5 with Stephen Nolan

8 Mar 2013

The Times features IEA research

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