Media Coverage


7 May 2013

Chris Snowdon appears on BBC Radio Sussex

10 Apr 2013

The Times reports on the launch of a new IEA/CMRE co-published book

27 Feb 2013

Mark Littlewood appears on BBC R4's PM

23 Jan 2013

Philip Booth writes for the Spectator Coffee House

6 Jan 2013

Gabriel Sahlgren is quoted in the Financial Times

6 Jan 2013

Philip Booth is quoted in the Daily Telegraph

28 Nov 2012

Steve Davies appears on Radio 4's Moral Maze

27 Nov 2012

BBC report on Dr Phillip Lee's speech at the IEA

26 Nov 2012

Telegraph report on meeting at the IEA

26 Nov 2012

The London Evening Standard reports on proposed changes to the NHS

26 Nov 2012

The Daily Mail reports on GP Phillip Lee at the IEA

26 Nov 2012

The Spectator reports on Free Enterprise Group meeting at the IEA

12 Oct 2012

Philip Booth writes for Conservative Home

17 Sep 2012

Ruth Porter appears on BBC's Daily Politics

21 Aug 2012

Forbes praise IEA monograph

20 Aug 2012

Professor Len Shackleton writes for City AM

9 Aug 2012

Steve Davies speaks to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2

20 Jul 2012

James Stanfield writes for Conservative Home

20 Jul 2012

The Centre for Market Reform in Education writes up latest IEA research

19 Jul 2012

The Times writes about new IEA report

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