Baroness Thatcher - Reflections from the IEA

Senior IEA figures reflect on the life of Baroness Thatcher


Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs said:

"As we mourn the passing of a remarkable Prime Minister, we should reflect on the lessons we can learn from Lady Thatcher. She showed courage, conviction, determination and placed great faith in the wisdom of ordinary men and women. We should celebrate her legacy, but also consider how to emulate her today"

Several current and former senior figures from the Institute of Economic Affairs attended Baroness Thatcher’s funeral today.

Patrick Minford, IEA Trustee and former economic advisor to Baroness Thatcher, said:

“As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher faced overwhelming odds. The truth is that she saved us from economic disaster and turned Britain once more into an engine of economic progress. For this we must treasure and honour her memory.”

Kevin Bell, IEA Trustee and former advisor to Baroness Thatcher, said:

“Baroness Thatcher was a champion not only of the free-market, but also of the values which the British public so desperately wanted and needed. Her economic reforms, undertaken during an incredibly difficult period, gave the country back its self-belief and moulded the society we take for granted today. Her leadership undoubtedly left Britain a stronger, freer and more economically sound nation, and for that she should be h