Free Enterprise Group & Institute of Economic Affairs Growth Forum proposals launched

Release of the Growth Forum Paper

On Monday 27th February, the FEG and IEA held a joint event, looking at the central question of politics today: the growth challenge. At the Growth Forum MPs and independent experts came together to look at how to improve infrastructure and education, reduce taxes and regulation, and reform public services.

The Growth Forum paper includes proposals on the following topics:


The Growth Challenge - Sajid Javid MP



·         Matthew Sinclair (TaxPayers’ Alliance)

·         Kwasi Kwarteng MP

·         Sam Gyimah MP

·         Andrew Sentance CBE (PricewaterhouseCoopers)


Job Creation and Education

·         Len Shackleton (Buckingham University)

·         Elizabeth Truss MP

·         Priti Patel MP

·         David Rutley MP


Spending and Tax

·         Graeme Leach (IoD)

·         Allister Heath (City A.M.)

·         Andrew Tyrie MP

·         David Ruffley MP


Whitehall and Public Service Reform

·         Nick Bosanquet (Imperial College London)

·         Philip Booth (Institute of Economic Affairs)

·         Chris Skidmore MP

·         Richard Wellings (Institute of Economic Affairs) 


Commenting on the paper, Kwasi Kwarteng MP said:

“Growth is the key issue Britain faces right now. Reducing the size of the state, significant structural reform, reductions in tax and regulation are all vital areas Parliament should be focusing on. There are many powerful ideas from allowing more private investment in infrastructure, to abolishing green taxes and swathes of red tape that should be considered.”

Commenting on the paper, Elizabeth Truss MP said:

"Whilst emerging countries have moved ahead and competitors like Germany have adapted, Britain's employment laws have fossilised. We urgently need more flexibility to enable companies to take on new people. With not much room for manoeuvre on tax and spend, the central focus of the Budget has to be improving Britain's competitiveness."

Commenting on the paper, Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“The government needs to stop merely talking about the need for growth and start taking the necessary policy steps to achieve it. This will not be politically straightforward but will be necessary to assist with the deficit reduction plan and to reduce unemployment. More needs to be done on reducing regulation and red tape and greater ambition needs to be shown on public service reform.

“A cautious, steady-as-she-goes approach is no longer sufficient. The government applies tests relating to equality and discrimina