Institute of Economic Affairs unveils new appointments for 2014

The Institute of Economic Affairs, the UK’s leading free-market think tank, today announces a raft of new appointments for 2014.

In 2013, the IEA has appeared on media over 2,500 times, has seen its esteemed research gain even greater traction with over 170,000 downloads of publications, has widened its education outreach programme to thousands of young people and goes live with its new online free-market audio-visual platform ieaTV this evening (11 December 2013).

New appointments:

Ryan Bourne has been appointed Head of Public Policy at the IEA. Ryan currently works at the Centre for Policy Studies as the head of economic research and will take up his role in early 2014.

Commenting on his appointment, Ryan Bourne said:

"I'm delighted to be joining an excellent IEA team in the new year. At a time when the concept of free-market economics faces its greatest intellectual and political challenge for three decades, it's essential for think tanks like the IEA to be firing on all cylinders in advocating liberty. I look forward to working with the team to make the case for market solutions to the deep problems facing both the domestic and global economy in this challenging climate."

Stephanie Lis becomes the IEA’s Head of Communications, leading the Institute’s relationship with the media, politicians and policy advisers. She will replace Ruth Porter, who leaves to join Policy Exchange as Head of Economic and Social Policy.

Commenting on her appointment, Stephanie Lis said:

“It is just over a year until the next election so it is crucial that we keep making the case for free markets to politicians of all stripes. I am very excited to be taking on this new challenge, ensuring that our core values are communicated to journalists, politicians and the public too.”

Christiana Hambro becomes the IEA’s Head of External Relations. She will lead the IEA’s work in building a free market network amongst students, across the EU and the wider world and in civil society.

Commenting on her appointment, Christiana Hambro said:

“I'm hugely excited to be taking on this new role. The IEA has made significant gains in our international outreach and our education programmes are thriving.  I'm looking forward to building on this excellent work to ensure that the benefits of free-markets are known by as many people as possible.”

Diego Zuluaga has been appointed as the IEA’s International Officer. Originally from Bilbao, he speaks four languages. He will work with Christiana Hambro in expanding and building the free market network across the European Union and beyond.

“I’m enormously excited to take on a permanent role. I very much look forward to continuing and expanding the IEA’s work abroad, promoting free-market values beyond the UK’s borders and learning from the experience of other countries.”

After 19 years of service at the IEA, Rebecca Connorton is retiring as the Institute’s Events Manager. She will act as a senior consultant to the Chief Operating Officer in 2014.

In addition to the above confirmed appointments, the IEA is now recruiting further staff – including a Communications Officer, a Student Officer, an Events Manager and additional senior operational staff.

 Commenting on these appointments, Mark Littlewood, Director General, said:

“It has been a pleasure and a privilege to oversee the IEA’s growth in the last four years. We are delighted to welcome Ryan Bourne from our good friends at the CPS, who have been a huge par