New research condemns government anti-obesity policies

New IEA research released

New research published by the Institute of Economic Affairs, highlights the flaws in current government anti-obesity policies.

In Fat taxes and other interventions won’t cure obesity,researchers Barrie Craven (from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Michael Marlow and Alden Shiers argue that:

·         Eating is essentially a private good and those who over-eat bear the consequences of their decisions.

·         The main economic argument for “fat taxes” and other paternalistic measures to reduce obesity is that obesity causes social costs to be borne by the National Health Service. However, research suggests that additional health costs from obesity are offset by reduced costs elsewhere, partly because obese people live shorter lives.

·         Fat taxes are regressive and would fall disproportionately on low income groups. They are also an extremely blunt instrument. It is estimated that a 1% tax on fizzy drinks would reduce BMI by only 0.003. It is highly likely that fat ta