Plain packaging would be a draconian attack on freedom

Commenting on the closure of the consultation on plain packaging for tobacco, Dr Richard Wellings, Deputy Editorial Director, at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Plain packaging legislation would represent a draconian attack on the freedom of smokers, retailers and manufacturers. Branding on packaging plays an important role in providing information for consumers, helping them choose between high and low-quality products. Accordingly there is a serious risk that plain packaging would lead to more smokers buying counterfeit products containing high levels of dangerous chemicals. Plain packaging is therefore likely to be entirely counterproductive from a health standpoint. The evidence that it would reduce smoking is also highly questionable.

“The government has stated its commitment to deregulation and reducing nanny-state interference in people's lives. Plain packaging legislation would completely contradict these policy objectives by placing strict controls on businesses and restricting choice for consumers.”


Notes to editors

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