Press Releases


18 Jul 2016

IEA reacts to the announcement that all foreign takeover bids will be assessed

1 Jul 2016

IEA reacts to Osborne's abandonment of budget surplus target

24 Jun 2016

IEA reaction to leave vote EU referendum

22 Jun 2016

IEA releases report on reforming Britain's relationship with the EU

7 Jun 2016

IEA releases report on trade agreements & the EU

4 Jun 2016

New IEA report asks if transport policy should be determined at EU level

26 May 2016

The IEA reacts to the latest on HS2

23 May 2016

New IEA report debunks myths surrounding inequality

23 May 2016

Philip Booth to step down as Academic & Research Director

19 May 2016

IEA reacts to High Court ruling on plain packaging

18 May 2016

IEA reaction to the Queen's Speech 2016

17 May 2016

Ryan Bourne appears on BBC Radio 5 Live

4 May 2016

IEA reaction to ECJ ruling on e-cigarette advertising

28 Apr 2016

New IEA report makes the case for privatising the BBC

21 Apr 2016

IEA reaction to Government's pledged support of Tata Steel

20 Apr 2016

Charges against Google not properly justified

18 Apr 2016

IEA report says EU unification of financial regulation provides little benefit to member states

18 Apr 2016

New IEA report finds EU offers an almost ideal policy mix with regard to immigration

31 Mar 2016

New Index shows best and worst places in the EU to drink, eat, smoke and vape

31 Mar 2016

NLW estimated to result in the equivalent of 60,000 fewer employed by 2020

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