Press Releases


4 May 2016

IEA reaction to ECJ ruling on e-cigarette advertising

28 Apr 2016

New IEA report makes the case for privatising the BBC

21 Apr 2016

IEA reaction to Government's pledged support of Tata Steel

20 Apr 2016

Charges against Google not properly justified

18 Apr 2016

IEA report says EU unification of financial regulation provides little benefit to member states

18 Apr 2016

New IEA report finds EU offers an almost ideal policy mix with regard to immigration

31 Mar 2016

New Index shows best and worst places in the EU to drink, eat, smoke and vape

31 Mar 2016

NLW estimated to result in the equivalent of 60,000 fewer employed by 2020

16 Mar 2016

A slow, steady, rather unimaginative budget

15 Mar 2016

HS3 not an efficient way to reduce travel times

6 Mar 2016

IEA releases new publication on lessons from the Great Recession

2 Mar 2016

The Housing Crisis: A Briefing

26 Feb 2016

The University of Buckingham and IEA launch Centre for the Study of Liberal Economics

10 Feb 2016

The UK's railways cause too much of a burden on taxpayers

8 Feb 2016

Gustav Blix appointed as new director of EPICENTER

6 Feb 2016

IEA reaction to government announcement on 'sock puppet' funding

3 Feb 2016

An economic analysis of a troubled relationship

28 Jan 2016

IEA reaction to European Commission's proposals on tax evasion

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