Press Releases


10 Dec 2012

New report advocates decentralising common-pool resources

16 Nov 2012

Proposals to fund reducing fuel duty, to the point that it can be halved and then eventually phased out.

28 Oct 2012

New research argues that the government should go denationalise the entire road network

18 Jul 2012

Dr. Richard Wellings comments on the Government's infrastructure investment announcement

16 Jul 2012

Claims that rail investment can be funded through higher
 fare revenues and efficiency gains should be treated with...

27 Mar 2012

The IEA responds to the government's planned changes to planning laws

19 Mar 2012

Dr Richard Wellings comments on privatising roads

10 Jan 2012

Dr Richard Wellings comments on the government's infrastructure folly

19 May 2011

Dr Richard Wellings comments on the McNulty Review

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