Press Releases


23 Dec 2014

Philip Booth comments on the revised figures for economic growth in the UK

3 Dec 2014

Autumn Statement commentary

1 Dec 2014

Without drastic reform of the UK tax code, the future is bleak for taxpayers

27 Nov 2014

The Smith proposals are a dangerous half-way-house

29 Oct 2014

Our long-term fiscal situation is unsustainable unless significant reform is undertaken

13 Oct 2014

Australian Treasurer, the Hon. Joe Hockey, gives a speech for the IEA

6 Oct 2014

The IEA respond to Vince Cable's speech to the Liberal Democrat Conference

1 Oct 2014

Reaction to David Cameron's speech

30 Sep 2014

An insight into how people feel about the current state of taxation

22 Sep 2014

Taxing the wealthy is not the solution to the failings of the NHS

18 Aug 2014

New research finds UK's rise in obesity has been primarily caused by a decline in physical activity

25 Jul 2014

Mark Littlewood responds to the latest GDP figures

4 Jun 2014

Reaction to the Queen's Speech

10 May 2014

A book about the prospects for reducing the size of the state

1 Apr 2014

Royal Mail sell-off is still a good news story for taxpayers

19 Mar 2014

Response to the 2014 Budget

18 Mar 2014

New IEA research shows that free-market reforms insulate countries from the worst effects of economic crises

18 Mar 2014

Further government interference in childcare will not lower costs

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