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13 Aug 2013

IEA responds to rise in rail fares

7 Aug 2013

IEA response to Mark Carney's forward guidance

25 Jul 2013

This is a remission not a recovery

16 Jul 2013

Announcement of the IEA Brexit Prize

12 Jul 2013

Government should be applauded for decision on plain packaging

11 Jul 2013

Regulating e-cigarettes as medicines will increase prices, harm competition and damage health

1 Jul 2013

Banning payday loans would make a risky situation riskier

26 Jun 2013

HS2 represents poor value for money for taxpayers

26 Jun 2013

Hope rather than strategy dominates spending review

19 Jun 2013

The present debate about tax havens has generated more heat than light

19 Jun 2013

More intensive regulation is not the answer

14 Jun 2013

Customers, not governments, should determine the amounts and locations of road expansion

12 Jun 2013

Alcohol Concern's latest call lacks evidence

12 Jun 2013

E-cigarettes should be allowed to flourish in a free market

4 Jun 2013

IEA research finds shadow economy is equivalent to 10% of GDP

25 May 2013

New IEA research finds fat taxes would increase cost of living for UK families

16 May 2013

New IEA research recommends the government should pursue policies that remove barriers to working longer

9 May 2013

Regulation of childcare is driving up living costs

8 May 2013

IEA responds to the Queen's Speech

Vernon Hill
30 Apr 2013

Founder and Chairman of Metro Bank wins 2013 Free Enterprise Award

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