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24 Apr 2013

Over-regulation of gaming machines will push customers towards the black market

23 Apr 2013

The government's policy of slow fiscal consolidation has failed

17 Apr 2013

Senior IEA figures reflect on the life of Baroness Thatcher

16 Apr 2013

IEA respond to the latest IMF growth forecast

15 Apr 2013

The minimum wage is a blunt instrument.

12 Apr 2013

IEA publishes new research into the euro zone

10 Apr 2013

New book shows a series of reforms are necessary to improve education quality

6 Apr 2013

Osborne should have introduced a 40p rate to create an incentive to work an invest in Britain

27 Mar 2013

Swathes of complex capital regulation have made banking riskier

27 Mar 2013

Regulation of capital is unnecessary and has proven dangerous

26 Mar 2013

Current high level of taxpayer support for railways is unacceptable

20 Mar 2013

IEA reaction to the Chancellor's 2013 Budget

17 Mar 2013

IEA sets out recommendations ahead of the 2013 Budget

11 Mar 2013

Mark Littlewood comments on Dr Liam Fox's IEA speech

6 Mar 2013

IEA responds to government decision to legislate for plain packaging of tobacco

1 Mar 2013

Advertising helps consumers make informed and efficient choices and encourages competition

28 Feb 2013

Capping bankers' bonuses would drive business and talent away from the UK

23 Feb 2013

Taking immediate action to tackle the deficit must now be the priority

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