Press Releases


28 Nov 2012

Minimum alcohol pricing plans are hugely regressive

20 Nov 2012

Limiting energy companies to offering just four tariffs is extremely misguided

16 Nov 2012

Proposals to fund reducing fuel duty, to the point that it can be halved and then eventually phased out.

15 Nov 2012

Preparations must be made for the orderly exit of a number of countries from the euro zone

13 Nov 2012

Proliferation of western regulations are damaging developing countries

6 Nov 2012

Senior US economist argues attempts to tax ourselves into prosperity have failed

5 Nov 2012

IEA launches new Economic Affairs

31 Oct 2012

Deregulation not government intervention is the solution to industrial growth

28 Oct 2012

New research argues that the government should go denationalise the entire road network

25 Oct 2012

The UK has a long-term growth problem which it will not solve until government spending and taxation are reduced

19 Oct 2012

The motives behind the TUC march are utterly misguided

26 Sep 2012

The three non-cash benefits to pensioners should be abolished

24 Sep 2012

Lib Dem proposals are no substitute for a properly functioning housing market

24 Sep 2012

Government should not be taking the risks from business lending that banks are not willing to bear themselves

20 Sep 2012

Mark Littlewood's recommendations for the government's Red Tape Challenge

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