Press Releases


11 Mar 2013

Mark Littlewood comments on Dr Liam Fox's IEA speech

6 Mar 2013

IEA responds to government decision to legislate for plain packaging of tobacco

1 Mar 2013

Advertising helps consumers make informed and efficient choices and encourages competition

28 Feb 2013

Capping bankers' bonuses would drive business and talent away from the UK

23 Feb 2013

Taking immediate action to tackle the deficit must now be the priority

21 Feb 2013

ComRes poll shows only 20% of Osborne's constituents know he plans to increase the national debt

20 Feb 2013

UK has problem with growth and productivity, not jobs

13 Feb 2013

Bank of England is abdicating its responsibilities

12 Feb 2013

Work schemes are beneficial

11 Feb 2013

Capping social care is a misguided move

7 Feb 2013

A mansion tax would create too many inequities

5 Feb 2013

Government must focus on removing barriers to competition in the water industry

4 Feb 2013

Reforms should make bank failure safe without relying on the taxpayer

1 Feb 2013

Governments should not dictate development priorities

29 Jan 2013

IEA responds to a new report calling for a tax on sugary drinks

27 Jan 2013

HS2 has a very weak business case

25 Jan 2013

IEA comment on latest growth figures

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