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25 Oct 2012

The UK has a long-term growth problem which it will not solve until government spending and taxation are reduced

19 Oct 2012

The motives behind the TUC march are utterly misguided

26 Sep 2012

The three non-cash benefits to pensioners should be abolished

24 Sep 2012

Lib Dem proposals are no substitute for a properly functioning housing market

24 Sep 2012

Government should not be taking the risks from business lending that banks are not willing to bear themselves

20 Sep 2012

Mark Littlewood's recommendations for the government's Red Tape Challenge

21 Aug 2012

Government approach to cutting the deficit has ignored all
 economic evidence

8 Aug 2012

Focusing on increasing private sector investment and productivity is the key

2 Aug 2012

ECB is burying its head in the sand

24 Jul 2012

Wellbeing is not in the government's remit

23 Jul 2012

Mark Littlewood comments on government plans to reduce tax avoidance

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