Press Releases


19 Jul 2012

Education reforms at risk unless government allows for-profit free schools

18 Jul 2012

Dr. Richard Wellings comments on the Government's infrastructure investment announcement

16 Jul 2012

Claims that rail investment can be funded through higher
 fare revenues and efficiency gains should be treated with...

13 Jul 2012

Funding for Lending Scheme will load the risk of private sector bank lending directly on to the taxpayer

11 Jul 2012

It is not the role of government to be providing loans to people secured on their property

2 Jul 2012

The Shadow MPC votes by narrow five to four margin to hold Bank Rate in July

27 Jun 2012

New IEA research released

15 Jun 2012

The government has got itself into a muddle over its policy on banks and lending.

14 Jun 2012

Imposing costly policies may drive banks away from the UK

11 Jun 2012

IEA releases new report on state-funding of charitites

6 Jun 2012

Centralising regulation in Europe should be resisted at all costs

31 May 2012

New fiscal rules needed to prevent government overspending

25 May 2012

New member of staff joins the IEA

16 May 2012

The IEA responds to the latest unemployment figures

8 May 2012

Motion to raise interest rates narrowly defeated

8 May 2012

The IEA responds to the letter from social care groups to the government

26 Apr 2012

The IEA responds to Cancer Research UK's new report

25 Apr 2012

The IEA responds to the latest growth figures

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