Press Releases


18 Jan 2016

IEA reaction to Oxfam statistics released today

13 Jan 2016

Sugar taxes: A Briefing

13 Jan 2016

The IEA appoints new Media Fellow

8 Jan 2016

IEA reaction to new alcohol guidelines released today

7 Jan 2016

IEA reaction to recent speculation about possible sugary drinks tax

24 Dec 2015

EU policies hampering UK electricity market

23 Dec 2015

Response to the ECJ rejection of minimum pricing for alcohol

17 Dec 2015

How healthy living is costing us more in the long term

10 Dec 2015

IEA reaction to delayed airport expansion decision

4 Dec 2015

Examining the structural flaws in the NHS

30 Nov 2015

A response the the Health Committee's call for a sugary drinks tax

25 Nov 2015

Mark Littlewood reacts to the Spending Review

24 Nov 2015

Licensing Act has not had catastrophic effects predicted

23 Nov 2015

IEA releases briefing ahead of the Spending Review

20 Nov 2015

IEA reaction to latest borrowing figures

6 Nov 2015

TEF will further distort university priorities

4 Nov 2015

IEA releases a new report on a federal Britain

28 Oct 2015

The IEA launches a major new five-year project

20 Oct 2015

The IEA's reaction to the Commons debate on Tax Credits

19 Oct 2015

A speech at the Institute of Economic Affairs

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