Press Releases


23 Nov 2015

IEA releases briefing ahead of the Spending Review

20 Nov 2015

IEA reaction to latest borrowing figures

6 Nov 2015

TEF will further distort university priorities

4 Nov 2015

IEA releases a new report on a federal Britain

28 Oct 2015

The IEA launches a major new five-year project

20 Oct 2015

The IEA's reaction to the Commons debate on Tax Credits

19 Oct 2015

A speech at the Institute of Economic Affairs

19 Oct 2015

The IEA's reaction to Jamie Oliver's proposed Sugar Tax

10 Oct 2015

The IEA debunks the myth over social mobility

7 Oct 2015

The IEA respond to David Cameron's Conservative Party Conference speech

5 Oct 2015

IEA reaction to the Chancellor's speech

4 Oct 2015

An outline of Britain’s 13 biggest economic policy mistakes of the last century

30 Sep 2015

European Commission's Capital Markets Union proposal needs to steer clear of standardisation and centralisation

29 Sep 2015

Corbyn's strategy of nationalisation, greater government intervention and more red tape will increase the tax burden...

28 Sep 2015

Long-term prosperity will not be secured through higher taxes, higher spending and more regulation

14 Sep 2015

The latest edition of the annual Economic Freedom of the World Report outlines where the UK ranks on economic...

3 Sep 2015

New IEA paper dispels the myth that drinkers are a burden on the taxpayer

3 Sep 2015

ECJ is right to stick to its principles on minimum pricing

2 Sep 2015

The rise of zero-hours contracts is neither surprising nor important

13 Aug 2015

The UK has nothing to fear from adopting market based reforms in healthcare

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