Press Releases


27 Mar 2013

Regulation of capital is unnecessary and has proven dangerous

1 Mar 2013

Advertising helps consumers make informed and efficient choices and encourages competition

5 Feb 2013

Government must focus on removing barriers to competition in the water industry

4 Feb 2013

Reforms should make bank failure safe without relying on the taxpayer

17 Jan 2013

IEA response to Ed Miliband's speech on banking reform

29 Nov 2012

Parliament should resist Leveson's call for statutory change

5 Nov 2012

IEA launches new Economic Affairs

24 Sep 2012

Lib Dem proposals are no substitute for a properly functioning housing market

20 Sep 2012

Mark Littlewood's recommendations for the government's Red Tape Challenge

8 Aug 2012

Focusing on increasing private sector investment and productivity is the key

27 Jun 2012

New IEA research released

15 Jun 2012

The government has got itself into a muddle over its policy on banks and lending.

14 Jun 2012

Imposing costly policies may drive banks away from the UK

6 Jun 2012

Centralising regulation in Europe should be resisted at all costs

17 Apr 2012

The IEA responds to unemployment figures

5 Mar 2012

SMPC Chairman David B. Smith comments on the Bank of England's regulatory policy

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