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27 Jan 2014

Government should more radically deregulate to help small businesses

28 Nov 2013

Plain packaging could potentially be a very disappointing U-turn by the Government.

19 Nov 2013

Plain packaging would be good news for criminal underworld

12 Sep 2013

Royal Mail privatisation is long overdue

12 Jul 2013

Government should be applauded for decision on plain packaging

11 Jul 2013

Regulating e-cigarettes as medicines will increase prices, harm competition and damage health

1 Jul 2013

Banning payday loans would make a risky situation riskier

19 Jun 2013

More intensive regulation is not the answer

12 Jun 2013

Alcohol Concern's latest call lacks evidence

9 May 2013

Regulation of childcare is driving up living costs

24 Apr 2013

Over-regulation of gaming machines will push customers towards the black market

27 Mar 2013

Swathes of complex capital regulation have made banking riskier

27 Mar 2013

Regulation of capital is unnecessary and has proven dangerous

1 Mar 2013

Advertising helps consumers make informed and efficient choices and encourages competition

5 Feb 2013

Government must focus on removing barriers to competition in the water industry

4 Feb 2013

Reforms should make bank failure safe without relying on the taxpayer

17 Jan 2013

IEA response to Ed Miliband's speech on banking reform

29 Nov 2012

Parliament should resist Leveson's call for statutory change

5 Nov 2012

IEA launches new Economic Affairs

24 Sep 2012

Lib Dem proposals are no substitute for a properly functioning housing market

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