Press Releases


25 Sep 2009

The value of money would be more predictable in the long term

14 Sep 2009

Increasing government intervention threatens Britain's long-term prosperity

7 Sep 2009

Interventionist policies are undermining the growth potential of the US economy

3 Aug 2009

Bank rate should be held at 0.5%

15 Jul 2009

Universities should be freed from bureaucratic state control to create a British 'Ivy League'

25 Jun 2009

Liberty, contracts and private property are universal values

2 Jun 2009

Urgent reforms necessary to preserve key freedoms

26 Mar 2009

Brown's regulatory reforms contributed to the financial crisis

19 Mar 2009

Projects have been plagued by political interference and high transaction costs

5 Feb 2009

Reform is needed in the old industrial and agricultural areas of 'New Europe'

3 Feb 2009

Further rate cuts would have little effect

7 Jan 2009

Market-based systems benefit patients

5 Dec 2008

State intervention in pension provision has been disastrous

26 Nov 2008

Author estimates public debt at £4.1 trillion

3 Nov 2008

Members expect inflation to fall quickly

21 Oct 2008

Women's pay rates reflect different values and choices

13 Oct 2008

Restrictive trade practices are limiting consumer choice

24 Sep 2008

Focus should shift to market-based adaptation, not hairshirts and witch hunts

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