Press Releases


18 Oct 2010

Mark Littlewood comments on Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson's speech

12 Oct 2010

Dr Steve Davies welcomes Lord Browne's report

7 Oct 2010

Peter Tompkins and Prof. Philip Booth comment on Lord Hutton's interim report

20 Sep 2010

Prof Philip Booth comments on the Economic Freedom of the World: 2010 Annual Report

27 Aug 2010

Mark Littlewood comments on the latest growth figures

20 Aug 2010

Mark Littlewood comments on the latest national debt figure

4 Aug 2010

New research from the IEA looks at statutory regulation, private regulation and financial markets

26 Jul 2010

Philip Booth argues in favour of the idea outlined in today's Green Paper from BIS

19 Jul 2010

Responding to David Cameron s speech on the Big Society Mark Littlewood calls on the Prime Minister to outline what...

7 Jul 2010

The Public Sector Pensions Commission, set up by the IEA and other organisations, launches its report

30 Jun 2010

IEA responds to job cuts forecast by Treasury

23 Jun 2010

The IEA responds to the emergency budget

21 Jun 2010

Philip Booth responds to John Hutton's appointment to the government s pensions commission

14 Jun 2010

The IEA's latest report is profiled on Sky, in the Daily Mail and City AM

10 Jun 2010

Mark Littlewood calls for radical reform to bring more flexibility in university pricing

7 Jun 2010

Mark Littlewood calls for 20% across the board spending cuts to reduce deficit

3 Jun 2010

IEA responds to plans laid out by the Business Secretary

2 Jun 2010

IEA press release responding to NICE recommendation for minimum alcohol price

1 Jun 2010

IEA calls for schools to be able to make a profit in order to advance educational goals

27 May 2010

Increase in Capital Gains Tax will cause unnecessary economic harm to investors

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