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6 Feb 2006

The SMPC votes six to three against lowering rates

18 Dec 2005

IEA author Richard Teather argues that the UK must oppose attempts by the OECD and EU to raise global tax rates

14 Nov 2005

A new estimate of Britain's public sector pensions burden

4 Nov 2005

SMPC votes seven to two to hold interest rates

28 Oct 2005

Professor John Hibbs, one of the architects of bus de-regulation sets out the dangers of re-regulation

25 Sep 2005

A new study suggests the young, those nearing retirement age and the unemployed are most likely to be harmed by...

25 Sep 2005

A new study suggest regulation may not be the answer to ending child labour

4 Sep 2005

Bank of England should be cautious reducing interest rates when the money supply is expanding rapidly

19 Jul 2005

The condensed version of Hayek's classic The Road to Serdom is reissued by the IEA

30 Jun 2005

IEA study argues that identifying the influence of social networks on crime points the way to more effective...

31 May 2005

A new book by Patrick Minford, Vidya Mahambare and Eric Nowell warns of the cost to Britain of current EU policies...

27 May 2005

The John Templeton Foundation has announced the winners in its What Works in Enterprise-Based Solutions to Poverty...

30 Apr 2005

At its April meeting, the IEA's Shadow Monetary Policy Committee voted to hold interest rates for the timebeing

27 Apr 2005

In a new study published by the IEA, former Chief Economic Advisor to the Treasury, Sir Alan Budd, argues that...

19 Mar 2005

New ways to fund large infrastructure projects such as Crossrail, are proposed in a study published today by the...

19 Mar 2005

Leading economist Tim Congdon has attacked the notion that there is a savings gap in the UK pensions system in an...

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