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16 Nov 2007

IEA releases groundbreaking new book on economic liberalisation by Johnny Munkhammar

2 Oct 2007

Extra support for lone parents encourages self-defeating behaviour

26 Sep 2007

Ordinary citizens will suffer if further sanctions are imposed on Burma

25 Sep 2007

2012 Olympics and Crossrail risk repeating the mistakes of Concorde, Nuclear Power and the Millennium Dome

30 Jul 2007

Slim five to four majority for holding interest rates

20 Jul 2007

Happiness is not related to national income or inequality

4 Jul 2007

The EU has failed to uphold property rights

29 Jun 2007

Secure private property rights needed to encourage investment

29 Jun 2007

Public spending cuts would lead to higher growth

25 May 2007

Christians should celebrate entrepreneurship and business

9 May 2007

SMPC rejects a 0.5% rise by a slim margin

20 Mar 2007

The tax and benefits systems are particularly harsh on single-earner couples

5 Feb 2007

The IEA's Shadow Monetary Policy Committee has voted by five votes to four to hold interest rates

5 Jan 2007

Security is essential for investment and economic growth

20 Dec 2006

A change in policy would improve safety and reduce congestion

13 Dec 2006

An IEA study reveals the magnitude of private sector pension debt

17 Nov 2006

An IEA monograph reveals the negative economic impact of current taxation levels

5 Nov 2006

SMPC votes seven to two for an increase in interest rates

25 Sep 2006

An IEA study reveals the true magnitude of public sector pension debt.

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