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21 Apr 2010

Philip Booth suggests a better plan

16 Apr 2010

The IEA asserts that undue regulation by Ofcom over provision of sport on TV will harm British sport

13 Apr 2010

If the Conservatives commitment to devolution of power is real, where are the big spending cuts and tax breaks?...

12 Apr 2010

The IEA responds to plans in Labour's manifesto

11 Apr 2010

Cuts of £167bn needed to avoid tax rises under the next government

8 Apr 2010

Proposals announced today 'big government, not big society'

1 Apr 2010

Call from France and Germany to introduce levy on banks hardly a positive step

31 Mar 2010

Mark Littlewood comments on Ofcom s demand that SKY sell SKY Sports 1 and 2 for less than their current price

24 Mar 2010

Next government must introduce radical cuts

23 Mar 2010

Radical overhaul of welfare state required

18 Mar 2010

Large budget deficits crowding out private sector

17 Feb 2010

Compliance costs highest for small enterprises

19 Jan 2010

UK loses top-ten ranking in respected global index

9 Dec 2009

Mark Littlewood and Philip Booth on the 2009 Pre-Budget Report

3 Nov 2009

New study criticises the UK's further education system

25 Sep 2009

The value of money would be more predictable in the long term

14 Sep 2009

Increasing government intervention threatens Britain's long-term prosperity

7 Sep 2009

Interventionist policies are undermining the growth potential of the US economy

3 Aug 2009

Bank rate should be held at 0.5%

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