Press Releases


22 Jun 2008

Study reveals lack of support for centrally planned healthcare

21 Jun 2008

State intervention reduces choice and traps low income families in appalling conditions

21 Jun 2008

Hard evidence shows the benefits of school choice

5 May 2008

Loosening policy could damage Bank's credibility

24 Apr 2008

New study calls for the unilateral removal of protectionist barriers

19 Mar 2008

An ageing population will vote for higher public spending on pensions

4 Mar 2008

Prohibitions impose huge costs on individuals and society, yet produce few benefits in return

4 Feb 2008

Committee recommends a 0.25% reduction

30 Jan 2008

Liabilities estimated at £1,071 billion

21 Dec 2007

A greater degree of local accountability is needed to cut crime

20 Dec 2007

Reforms are more likely to succeed when they are tailored to local norms and values

16 Nov 2007

IEA releases groundbreaking new book on economic liberalisation by Johnny Munkhammar

2 Oct 2007

Extra support for lone parents encourages self-defeating behaviour

26 Sep 2007

Ordinary citizens will suffer if further sanctions are imposed on Burma

25 Sep 2007

2012 Olympics and Crossrail risk repeating the mistakes of Concorde, Nuclear Power and the Millennium Dome

30 Jul 2007

Slim five to four majority for holding interest rates

20 Jul 2007

Happiness is not related to national income or inequality

4 Jul 2007

The EU has failed to uphold property rights

29 Jun 2007

Secure private property rights needed to encourage investment

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