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13 Aug 2015

The UK has nothing to fear from adopting market based reforms in healthcare

6 Aug 2015

New IEA paper identifies the benefits of decriminalising Britain's sex industry

4 Aug 2015

RBS should be returned to the private sector as soon as possible

23 Jul 2015

New IEA report identifies the shortfalls of the Research Excellence Framework

16 Jul 2015

There is no longer a case for the licence fee

15 Jul 2015

New IEA research dispels the myth that government intervention in the sugar industry is justified

13 Jul 2015

Calls to introduce a 20% tax on sugar are misguided

1 Jul 2015

Politicians must stop hampering airport expansion

24 Jun 2015

Ministers should aim to tackle the true causes of child poverty rather than focusing on inequality

23 Jun 2015

New report debunks the myth that positive social and economic outcomes in Scandinavia are a result of a generous...

22 Jun 2015

Mark Littlewood calls for politicians to be bold, but fair when it comes to welfare reform

18 Jun 2015

Philip Booth responds to the papal encyclical

17 Jun 2015

The IEA responds to proposals to crack down on tax avoidance by the European Commission

11 Jun 2015

Selling RBS back to the private sector is good for the taxpayer

10 Jun 2015

New ASH proposals will bully and impoverish ten million smokers

1 Jun 2015

Government action is responsible for the rising cost of childcare

27 May 2015

The IEA respond to the Queen's Speech

26 May 2015

The IEA compile key policies to encourage deregulation, competition and growth

25 May 2015

New IEA research on Thatcher, and the myth of deregulation

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