Press Releases


7 Feb 2013

A mansion tax would create too many inequities

29 Jan 2013

IEA responds to a new report calling for a tax on sugary drinks

25 Jan 2013

IEA comment on latest growth figures

24 Jan 2013

Structural problems still undermine economic growth

5 Dec 2012

IEA response to the Autumn Statement

6 Nov 2012

Senior US economist argues attempts to tax ourselves into prosperity have failed

25 Oct 2012

The UK has a long-term growth problem which it will not solve until government spending and taxation are reduced

24 Sep 2012

Government should not be taking the risks from business lending that banks are not willing to bear themselves

21 Aug 2012

Government approach to cutting the deficit has ignored all
 economic evidence

23 Jul 2012

Mark Littlewood comments on government plans to reduce tax avoidance

31 May 2012

New fiscal rules needed to prevent government overspending

25 Apr 2012

The IEA responds to the latest growth figures

19 Apr 2012

The IEA responds to the 'granny tax'

19 Apr 2012

The IEA discusses the possibility of closing DCMS

21 Mar 2012

The IEA responds to the Budget

20 Mar 2012

The IEA responds to the Government's plan for credit easing

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