Press Releases


24 Sep 2013

Tinkering policies will do little for families struggling to make ends meet

23 Sep 2013

IEA response to Shadow Chancellor's speech to Labour Conference

20 Sep 2013

Mark Littlewood discusses a stronger economy for the UK

10 Sep 2013

New research argues poor recovery is due to a major productivity crisis

25 Jul 2013

This is a remission not a recovery

26 Jun 2013

Hope rather than strategy dominates spending review

19 Jun 2013

The present debate about tax havens has generated more heat than light

4 Jun 2013

IEA research finds shadow economy is equivalent to 10% of GDP

25 May 2013

New IEA research finds fat taxes would increase cost of living for UK families

8 May 2013

IEA responds to the Queen's Speech

25 Apr 2013

Unspectacular growth reflects need for radical action

23 Apr 2013

The government's policy of slow fiscal consolidation has failed

16 Apr 2013

IEA respond to the latest IMF growth forecast

6 Apr 2013

Osborne should have introduced a 40p rate to create an incentive to work an invest in Britain

20 Mar 2013

IEA reaction to the Chancellor's 2013 Budget

17 Mar 2013

IEA sets out recommendations ahead of the 2013 Budget

11 Mar 2013

Mark Littlewood comments on Dr Liam Fox's IEA speech

23 Feb 2013

Taking immediate action to tackle the deficit must now be the priority

21 Feb 2013

ComRes poll shows only 20% of Osborne's constituents know he plans to increase the national debt

7 Feb 2013

A mansion tax would create too many inequities

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