Press Releases


23 Feb 2015

New guidance and anti-sock puppet clause are welcomed

19 Feb 2015

Supply side reform is needed to reduce the cost of childcare

17 Feb 2015

Four different options for the UK in the event of a vote to leave the EU

11 Feb 2015

The liberalisation of rail fares would benefit passengers and taxpayers alike

6 Feb 2015

The UK tax system is overly complex and tax rates are too high

5 Feb 2015

Spending restraint and not excessive taxation is required to tackle the deficit

3 Feb 2015

A new report outlining an alternative to expanding the rail network

2 Feb 2015

The SMPC votes to hold bank rates in February

27 Jan 2015

The IEA respond to the latest GDP figures

21 Jan 2015

The IEA reacts to the government's plans to institutionalise plain packages of cigarettes

19 Jan 2015

Oxfam's use of net wealth figures are misleading and unhelpful

13 Jan 2015

Low inflation rates shouldn't tempt the MPC to loosen monetary policy

13 Jan 2015

Government action has contributed to high energy prices being sustained

12 Jan 2015

Reducing the UK's deficit requires a serious review of government spending

26 Dec 2014

New polling shows attitudes towards the nanny state

23 Dec 2014

The debunking of myths surrounding inequality, social mobility, wages and more

23 Dec 2014

Philip Booth comments on the revised figures for economic growth in the UK

16 Dec 2014

The Children’s Food Campaign’s own figures suggest that the cost of a sugary drinks tax to London taxpayers will be...

10 Dec 2014

Policies such as the smoking ban and alcohol duty escalator have contributed to the decline in pubs

3 Dec 2014

Autumn Statement commentary

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