Press Releases


24 Mar 2015

The IEA responds to the latest inflation figures

18 Mar 2015

Mark Littlewood responds to the Chancellor's final Budget before the election

17 Mar 2015

Raising the minimum wage will do nothing to help the most vulnerable

16 Mar 2015

Abolish the budget in its current format

13 Mar 2015

State bureaucrats cannot determine the price of energy

11 Mar 2015

3 million jobs would not be at risk in the event of a British exit from the EU

11 Mar 2015

Politicians are misguided to approve the implementation of standardised packaging in the UK

6 Mar 2015

Removing the winter fuel allowance for the wealthiest 5% will barely scratch the surface

3 Mar 2015

The IEA appoints a new Chairman

2 Mar 2015

Liberalise planning laws to boost housing development

27 Feb 2015

The IEA propose an alternative method of higher education funding

23 Feb 2015

Universal benefits to pensioners shouldn't be protected

23 Feb 2015

New guidance and anti-sock puppet clause are welcomed

19 Feb 2015

Supply side reform is needed to reduce the cost of childcare

17 Feb 2015

Four different options for the UK in the event of a vote to leave the EU

11 Feb 2015

The liberalisation of rail fares would benefit passengers and taxpayers alike

6 Feb 2015

The UK tax system is overly complex and tax rates are too high

5 Feb 2015

Spending restraint and not excessive taxation is required to tackle the deficit

3 Feb 2015

A new report outlining an alternative to expanding the rail network

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