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30 Oct 2014

Market reforms are urgently needed to enable the UK's health system to compete on a global level

29 Oct 2014

Our long-term fiscal situation is unsustainable unless significant reform is undertaken

27 Oct 2014

Dr Richard Wellings reacts to new proposals for a third high-speed rail link

23 Oct 2014

New paper calls for reform to student loans system

16 Oct 2014

Reviving contracting-out of the state pension will benefit millions in retirement

15 Oct 2014

Mark Littlewood comments on the recommendations of the London Health Commission report

14 Oct 2014

The IEA mark the launch of EPICENTER with a two day conference in Brussels

13 Oct 2014

Australian Treasurer, the Hon. Joe Hockey, gives a speech for the IEA

6 Oct 2014

The IEA respond to Vince Cable's speech to the Liberal Democrat Conference

1 Oct 2014

Reaction to David Cameron's speech

30 Sep 2014

An insight into how people feel about the current state of taxation

25 Sep 2014

Eliminating government intervention in certain areas could make families substantially better off

22 Sep 2014

Politicians have fundamentally failed to grasp the causes behind the cost of living crisis

22 Sep 2014

Taxing the wealthy is not the solution to the failings of the NHS

19 Sep 2014

Mark Littlewood comments on confirmation that Scotland has voted “No”

16 Sep 2014

Don't overregulate the advertising industry, as it brings great benefits to the consumer

8 Sep 2014

New research highlights the flawed thinking behind imposing new controls on the private rental market

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