Press Releases


18 Aug 2014

New research finds UK's rise in obesity has been primarily caused by a decline in physical activity

14 Aug 2014

Philip Booth comments on the poor economic performance of Germany and France

30 Jul 2014

Mark Littlewood responds to the Bank of England's tough plans for bonuses

25 Jul 2014

Mark Littlewood responds to the latest GDP figures

22 Jul 2014

Author and columnist, Matt Ridley, wins the 2014 IEA Free Enterprise Award

15 Jul 2014

Mark Littlewood comments on caps to be imposed on payday loans

10 Jul 2014

Philip Booth comments on today’s Office for Budget Responsibility Fiscal Sustainability Report

27 Jun 2014

Jamie Whyte wins IEA Seldon Prize

26 Jun 2014

Mark Littlewood comments on draft regulations for the plain packaging of tobacco

23 Jun 2014

Dr Richard Wellings sheds doubt on HS3

17 Jun 2014

Government action has driven the market for private money

15 Jun 2014

The problems with alcohol policy in the UK

12 Jun 2014

The IEA respond to George Osborne's expected remarks in his Mansion House speech

6 Jun 2014

The IEA comment on the IMF’s assessment of the UK economy

4 Jun 2014

Reaction to the Queen's Speech

29 May 2014

The IEA comment on the proposal to lower the earnings threshold for automatic enrolment in a workplace pension

23 May 2014

A practical re-appraisal of how Christians should think about economic and political issues

19 May 2014

Political interference in wage setting should be avoided

10 May 2014

A book about the prospects for reducing the size of the state

8 May 2014

The IEA's reacts to the announcement that Barclays are to cut 19,000 jobs over the next 3 years

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