Press Releases


2 Apr 2014

The IEA releases new research about the minimum wage

1 Apr 2014

Royal Mail sell-off is still a good news story for taxpayers

26 Mar 2014

IEA announces final Brexit Prize shortlist

19 Mar 2014

Response to the 2014 Budget

18 Mar 2014

New IEA research shows that free-market reforms insulate countries from the worst effects of economic crises

18 Mar 2014

Further government interference in childcare will not lower costs

13 Mar 2014

New IEA research reveals the staggering level of the government’s hidden indebtedness

11 Mar 2014

IEA releases its recommendations for the 2014 Budget

26 Feb 2014

For people out of work, the real minimum wage is zero

8 Feb 2014

Pensioner bonds are nothing more than a political gimmick

5 Feb 2014

New IEA research calls for urgent action to prevent state-funded political activism

27 Jan 2014

Government should more radically deregulate to help small businesses

25 Jan 2014

IEA response to Ed Balls' announcement on the 50p rate of income tax

16 Jan 2014

IEA response to George Osborne's comments on an above-inflation increase to the minimum wage

8 Jan 2014

New IEA research sets out ten policy recommendations to ease the state pension time bomb

6 Jan 2014

IEA response to George Osborne's speech on the economy

2 Jan 2014

IEA comments on today's rail fare increases

16 Dec 2013

New report calls for a market mechanism to solve airport capacity issues

11 Dec 2013

New IEA report calls for genuine competition in the energy market

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