Press Releases


26 Feb 2016

The University of Buckingham and IEA launch Centre for the Study of Liberal Economics

13 Jan 2016

Sugar taxes: A Briefing

8 Jan 2016

IEA reaction to new alcohol guidelines released today

7 Jan 2016

IEA reaction to recent speculation about possible sugary drinks tax

17 Dec 2015

How healthy living is costing us more in the long term

4 Dec 2015

Examining the structural flaws in the NHS

6 Nov 2015

TEF will further distort university priorities

19 Oct 2015

The IEA's reaction to Jamie Oliver's proposed Sugar Tax

13 Aug 2015

The UK has nothing to fear from adopting market based reforms in healthcare

23 Jul 2015

New IEA report identifies the shortfalls of the Research Excellence Framework

2 Apr 2015

New IEA report compares the performance of the NHS to that of its European counterparts

27 Feb 2015

The IEA propose an alternative method of higher education funding

19 Nov 2014

The current student loan system is no longer fit for purpose

23 Oct 2014

New paper calls for reform to student loans system

17 Sep 2013

There are better ways to spend £600mn

12 Jun 2013

E-cigarettes should be allowed to flourish in a free market

10 Apr 2013

New book shows a series of reforms are necessary to improve education quality

23 Jan 2013

The lesser the role of government in A-levels, the better

19 Jul 2012

Education reforms at risk unless government allows for-profit free schools

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