Press Releases


1 Jul 2015

Politicians must stop hampering airport expansion

10 Apr 2015

Remove government interference from the setting of rail fares

11 Feb 2015

The liberalisation of rail fares would benefit passengers and taxpayers alike

3 Feb 2015

A new report outlining an alternative to expanding the rail network

13 Jan 2015

Government action has contributed to high energy prices being sustained

27 Oct 2014

Dr Richard Wellings reacts to new proposals for a third high-speed rail link

23 Jun 2014

Dr Richard Wellings sheds doubt on HS3

28 Apr 2014

New HS2 research casts serious doubt on the government’s regeneration claims

2 Jan 2014

IEA comments on today's rail fare increases

16 Dec 2013

New report calls for a market mechanism to solve airport capacity issues

11 Dec 2013

New IEA report calls for genuine competition in the energy market

25 Nov 2013

New report argues for standing only economy class rail carriages

10 Oct 2013

Palm oil may be the cure to high food costs

11 Sep 2013

HS2 represents extremely poor value for money

19 Aug 2013

IEA releases new research into costs of HS2

13 Aug 2013

IEA responds to rise in rail fares

26 Jun 2013

HS2 represents poor value for money for taxpayers

14 Jun 2013

Customers, not governments, should determine the amounts and locations of road expansion

26 Mar 2013

Current high level of taxpayer support for railways is unacceptable

27 Jan 2013

HS2 has a very weak business case

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